April 12, 2021

In this episode I speak to Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath Lauren Windas about elimination diets. We discuss how to maintain a positive relationship with food if you have to eat in a certain way for health reasons and Lauren shares her personal and professional experience. We cover …  – What is an elimination diet and […]

In this bite-sized episode I’m answering your questions about eating disorder recovery.  Questions answered in this podcast episode. 1. How do I get rid of the feeling that I’mamch not ill enough to recover? 2. How do I believe recovery will be worth it when my ED voice is saying the opposite? 3. What made […]

Eat less and move more is the simple formula for weight loss that we’ve (almost) all bought into at some point. We try our best, but then we reach a plateau. In this episode on exercise and weight loss, I’m joined by Faye Townsend, an associate registered nutritionist with a post-graduate degree in sports and […]

We’ve pretty much all been on a diet, lost the weight, and then regained it back (plus more)! But why don’t these diets help us to lose weight for good?  In this Just Eat Normally Podcast episode, I’m joined by Jeanette Thompson-Wessen to help explain why that happens. Jeanette is a qualified Nutritionist, specialist in […]

Welcome back to the Just Eat Normally Podcast after a little break. In this bite-sized episode I’m speaking about the problem with dieting. We will be investigating – what is a diet? – the consequences of restricting food intake – why diets don’t ‘reset’ your relationship with food – options instead of dieting! Please remember […]

Want to know more about making peace with food and listening to your body? Then you’re in the right place. In this episode of the Just Eat Normally podcast, I’m joined by Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and anti-diet coach Erika Pateman. As a recovered chronic dieter herself, Erika coaches others to ditch the diet through […]

Part 2 with Emma Green. We round up Emma’s story (carrying on from part 1/Ep 8) and discuss if it’s healthy to be vegan (i.e., not eating meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey) during eating disorder recovery. Emma took the decision to cut out animal products (including in make-up, clothes etc) during her recovery and is […]

In this Just Eat Normally Pocdast episode, I’m joined by Emma Green (PhD). Emma struggled with an eating disorder and after recovery is now a anti-diet fitness coach and writer. She helps people to build a healthy relationship with food, exercise and their bodies. In this episode Emma chats to me about her experiences of  […]

In this bite-sized episode Dr Rachel Evans (PhD, CPsychol.) answers the question “How to cope with the guilt of eating even if you know it’s probably not even enough? But can’t justify why you really need it”.  Rachel reminds us that our body needs food, plus 4 other techniques that can help to reduce guilt […]

In this episode, I’m joined by binge eating specialist Sarah Dosanjh (MSc CTA MBACP). Sarah is a Psychotherapist, YouTuber and author of the book I Can’t Stop Eating: How To Break Free From The Cycle Of Bingeing. After suffering with binge eating disorder and bulimia for nearly a decade, she found freedom, studied to become […]




Dr Rachel Evans

Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist