March 23, 2021

Why you should stop calling yourself “bulimic” and what to do instead to aid your recovery from bulimia.

Thanks to Sonny for inviting me on the Bites of Health Podcast. The Bites of Health Podcast by WellEasy is a fun and enlightening show designed to break down the barriers of healthy living. It is hosted by Joshua Barley and Sonny Drinkwater, the co-founders of WellEasy. In this episode we speak about – my […]

Watch on Youtube Thanks to Wellbeing People for inviting me to speak about eating disorders and recovery. This conversation focuses on – What might someone be thinking, feeling and doing if they have an eating disorder – My experience with restricting, bingeing and purging – Pathways to recovery – What to do if you’re worried […]

How many times have you heard your ED saying … “Other people have it worse, so you don’t deserve help” “You hardly even have an ED at all, so why should you ask for help?” “Things have been this way for so long you can’t possibly change” “You’ve got it so bad that there’s no […]

Thanks to Dan Draper for inviting me into his podcast to share my story with restrictive eating, bulimia and bingeing. Dan was so easy to talk to and we went into lots of detail about certain points in my struggle with restriction, bingeing and bulimia. We discuss – where my eating disorder began and risk […]

It’s normal to have ups and downs in your eating disorder recovery journey. I’m always talking about this instagram post from @lindsaybraman on podcasts and Instagram lives, so I thought I better share it on my blog to make it easier for you to find. With almost every client I work with, things are going […]

I joined Courtney Black, an eating disorder survivor, personal trainer and instagram celebrity to give an insight on … 1.SECRET EATING AND BINGE EATING How can I get out of the binge restrict cycle? I don’t restrict, what are other reasons might I be binge eating? 2.HOW DO I HELP A FRIEND WHO HAS AN […]

It’s so easy to look at a food photo on Instagram and go straight into comparison mode, especially if it’s different to how or what you eat. A few questions to ask yourself…. IS THIS COMPARISON HELPFUL? Usually NO. Especially if it makes you feel anxious or guilty. Sometimes YES, e.g., if it highlights that […]

In this video I share my personal and now professional experience with bulimia and eating disorder recovery. Bulimia and recovery In this episode of Binge Breakers Podcast, Jacqueline Davis and I speak about the similarities and differences in our experience of and recovery from bulimia. We also covered how to understand habits in relation to […]

I thought that I would put together 5 of my favourite feel-good instagram posts for if you’re having a bad day and struggling during eating disorder recovery. Often instagram can be quite triggering; photos of skinny girls in a bikini, EVERYONE sharing ‘what I ate today’, and seeing the ‘insta-perfect’ life. In-fact I had to […]




Dr Rachel Evans

Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist