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Right now you're probably feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from constant thoughts of food and totally drained from bingeing and purging.

I'd guess that you're probably here as a last resort; it feels like you've tried everything but nothing seems to work. You're lost and confused because you don't know how to break the restrict-binge-purge cycle for good, but you do desperately want to recover.

It's ok if you're feeling all of those things. My clients often come to me feeling frustrated and even desperate because they don't know how to recover from bulimia despite their best efforts, self-help books and even .professional support. 


believe that full recovery is possible, and it's possible for you

understand bulimia as a coping mechanism and let go of the guilt and shame

take your life off pause and do all of the things you said you would 'when...'

stop counting how long it's been since your last 'episode' because you're confident you will never go back

so IF YOU'RE ready to ...


"I feel hopeful about the future instead of feeling dread. I feel almost like a different person, because my life doesn’t revolve around food. I couldn’t have imagined actually be able to live this way before Rachel.

 I now feel like I’m actually involved in my life, rather than half paying attention and half obsessing about food." Alicia

Nourish Programme

introducing the


building body trust

- expand the comfort

- emotionAL SAFTEY

- self-care & body

- recovery mindset    - daily recovery rituals   - relapse prevention plan


- discover the default
  (automatic patterns)

- disrupt the default

- install new beliefs &
  Aligned idenTITY

subconscious EVOLUTION

- nervous system:
  chaos to calm

- nutrient status

- prevent purging



The Nourish Framework

Nourish is a 6 month experience designed around you and for you, to give you the understanding, practical skills and support you need to fully recover from bulimia. .

We’ll kick off with a 180 minute (3 hour) Breakthrough session so I can really get to know you and your life so far. During the session you'll identify what has been keeping you stuck, begin to shift your mindset, and learn strategies that you can implement straight away to start taking back control of your life.

Next I’ll post out your welcome pack including 6 incredible essential oil blends (Motivate, Cheer, Peace, Forgive, Console and Adaptive) and some practical resources to help you keep track of what you’re learning through Nourish and make recovery easier.

During the rest of our time together we will meet every week, face-to-face or via zoom for 60-90 minutes. Sessions can be scheduled during the week-day, evening or weekend to fit around your other commitments. Between sessions I'm just a message away and on-hand to provide daily support and accountability via email or voice notes. 

In weeks 3 and 6 (typically) I will guide you through a Rapid Transformational Therapy session. These sessions are usually at least 90 minutes, but may be longer. It’s my commitment to take you through the whole process; to uncover memories and the beliefs you made before reframing those beliefs to change the impact that they have on you. At the end of each RTT session I will create a bespoke hypnosis recording for you to listen to over the following 21 days to rewire your subconscious mind.

Your final session will focus on relapse prevention. We will celebrate your journey over the 6 months, condense what you have learnt and create a personal-action-plan for you to maintain your new positives habits and sustain recovery.


How it Works

Yes I have a PhD in the psychology of eating.

Yes I'm certified in hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and T.I.M.E. techniques.

But the most important thing is that I'm a real person who's life once revolved around food and exercise; I was terrified of gaining weight and tried everything from starving to making myself vomit and other physical self-harm to try and control my body and my feelings. I felt stuck, desperately unhappy and even had thoughts of ending things.

But I found a way through. It didn't come from the million and one diets I tried hoping that it would magically 'reset' my relationship with food as promised. It didn't come from trying to hate myself into recovery.  

It came from understanding my habits and mindset, from accepting myself for who I am, and from learning to nourish my body without it being my sole focus and purpose in life! 

If you're thinking "but I'll lose even more control if I don't follow diet rules" or  "how will I ever feel comfortable in my body?", then I would love to help you to recover.

Today, I’m a chartered psychologist who specialises in helping my clients achieve full recovery from bulimia. But in the past, I was where you are now.

I understand what it feels like when you've promised yourself that it was your last ever binge and you will never make yourself sick again, but it's 1am and your Google searches range from "how to recover from bulimia" to "tips to get rid of everything when you throw up" after having another bad day.

I know the frustration when you read to 'just go for a walk' or ' just read a book' like it's going to make even the tiniest bit of difference when the urge comes. You've tried those things, but often you're half way through a jar of Nutella before you even register what happened. Then comes the undisputable thought that you should carry on, 'get rid of it' and start again tomorrow.

I'm here to tell you that even though that might be the case for you now, you can FULLY RECOVER FROM BULIMIA and reclaim your health and happiness.


Focusing on you. I’ll never take on more than 5 clients at any one time because I want to give you the full care and attention that I know you deserve

Offering out-of-hours support. Message via email or leave a voice note whenever you might need extra support or a question answered, in the knowledge that I’ll get back to you as soon as I can – yep, even on a weekend or at 10pm or 1am if I'm awake then! 

A holistic approach. I combine evidence-based psychological methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, with pioneering Rapid Transformational Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, nutrition support, 'tapping' energy healing and aromatherapy.

Being non-judgemental. My work is to help you to understand your situation and how to move forwards. I will never shame you or use scare tactics! 

Supporting you in your past, present and future. I’ll help you unlock the past causes of your eating disorder, give you all the tools you need to help you right now in your present, and help you visualise future you - free from bulimia and feeling comfortable in your body. 

I work a little differently to traditional eating disorder therapists you might have seen before. I’m committed to… 


This is not an NHS funded service, I am a highly qualified and experienced psychologist, with a PhD in the psychology of eating. In the last 3 years, I have helped 41 clients to recover from an eating disorder. The fees for the Nourish Programme are £9000 (payment plan £1500 x 6) and this is reflective of the one-to-one time commitment and the interventions I provide. I only work with 5 women at a time so that I can give you my full attention and really focus on results for you as an individual. If you’re ready to do this and would like to have a conversation with me about the Nourish Programme, click here to book a complimentary clarity call

Working with someone who has experienced the thoughts and feelings of suffering with an eating disorder really allowed me to believe that recovery was possible. In conversations with other counsellors who tell you they ‘understand how you feel’ when they have never experienced the crippling fear and irrational thoughts associated with an eating disorder can’t understand what it’s like to live in a mind and body where you feel trapped with no end in sight. Rachel really listened to me as an individual without judgement, even when I felt I was sharing things that were stupid she never made me feel that way. She helped me to see things from another perspective and to try different strategies to tackle situations and to give me another way of seeing things that my eating disorder made me blind to. Louise

Your thoughts and behaviour fit the criteria for bulimia, but you’re in denial about it.

You’re not ready to commit or take action right now.

You're looking for ‘drop-in, drop-out’ sessions on a ‘per hour’ basis. There are lots of therapists out there offering single sessions, but the Nourish Programme is a commitment.

You’re not willing to try something new. Instead you’re going to respond to all of my suggestions with “yes but…[reason why you won’t even try]”.

You’re too busy and can’t commit the time, or you wouldn’t make it a priority to listen to your bespoke hypnosis recording.

You’re not ready to try out the new strategies that you’ve learnt between sessions or you wouldn’t make it a priority to listen to your (15 minute) bespoke hypnosis recording.

You’re looking for a quick fix or a magic solution


You know that you have bulimia or similar thoughts and behaviours AND you want to recover.

You’re ready to commit to recovery even if that feels scary or impossible right now.

You want to feel fully supported by a dedicated one-to-one therapist who will come with you on a 3 month recovery journey and who will support you between sessions.

You’re open and willing to try new approaches like Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy and Parts Integration.

You will find or make time to commit to spending 6-8 hours each month with me during one-to-one sessions. 

You’re ready to do the work, which includes listening to your bespoke hypnotherapy recording, challenging eating disorder thoughts and self-care between sessions. 

You know that change doesn’t happen overnight but getting the right education, new skills and support can speed up the process.


CLCK HERE to book a 45 minute call.

Other therapy hasn't had such a great impact on my life like Rapid Transformational Therapy with Rachel. Not going to lie, I was sceptical at first too, but it is truly transformational! I realised how things that happened in my past made me feel as though I wasn't good enough. This underlying belief was driving my behaviours. I'm so thankful for this realisation and the ability to work on changing my beliefs to know that I am good enough just the way I am. I loved listening to the recording every day and will continue to listen to it from time to time as a reminder that I am enough and I can challenge any old beliefs. Jenn

3 months of one-to-one eating disorder recovery therapy to support you on your journey.


WHAT'S INCLUDED IN            



Your own mental, energetic and physical toolkit of resources that you can use any time to help reclaim your freedom from your ED. 

A mixture of tangible and intangible resources.


Via email or voice notes.
Clients say it's like having me in their pocket so they no longer feel alone in recovery.
Sometimes you might need to vent and have a mini coaching session and other times it's just nice to share what's going well. 


Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions help you to deep dive into the root of your eating disorder. We then use this understanding to rewire or totally release limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns.


3 months of one-to-one eating disorder recovery therapy tailored to your specific needs. In week 1 we set your BIG recovery goal, and work towards it every week through a combination of techniques. 


WHAT'S INCLUDED IN the nourish programme?

* Have me in your pocket for when your eating disorder thoughts are shouting,
things didn't go to plan, or you need extra support. 

I will remind you of what's already in your recovery toolkit
and your big picture WHY recovery is worth it! 

Sometimes you might need a mini coaching session,
and other times it's just nice to know
there is someone who has your back. 

Voice support is a lifeline in between sessions if you’re struggling or have questions that can’t wait. Getting an almost immediate response is really helpful for staying positive in challenging moments and having voice notes that you can keep listening back to gives you instant reassurance and perspective. Jo

apply for a clarity CALL


Let’s arrange a FREE 45 minute session (via video call) to see if we’re a perfect fit to work together.
You can even practice going into hypnosis so you know how it feels. 

Do you work with children?

No. I believe that family-based therapy is the best approach for children. I work with over-18s who are ready to invest in themselves and their recovery.

If you are looking for services on behalf of your child who is 18 or over, please have them fill out the contact form and get in touch. 

How do I know if we are a good fit to work together?

Before you sign-up we will have a 'discovery call' to see if we're a good match to work together. During this call we can discuss what you’re struggling with, your goals/vision for the future, what is keeping you stuck and what we need to do so you can take your power back from food and ‘eat normally’ again. 

It's extremely important to me that all my clients feel aligned to work with me and are willing to take action, and equally that I believe I can help them. You cannot sign-up to the Programme unless we have had a discovery call. 

If you related to most of the items in 'Nourish is for you if', then it's likely we're a good fit and I will be able to help you. Click here to book a discovery call. 

If you related to more of the items in 'Nourish is NOT for you if' above, then I believe that you absolutely deserve help to recover, but I'm not the person to help you do that.

I’m worried about hypnosis. Will I be out of control?

You are always in control under hypnosis and you can open your eyes at any time. Even my most anxious client, who literally cried before the session and was hoping the hypnosis wouldn’t work, was able to go into a trance and actually enjoyed the hypnotherapy session!

Hypnosis is a ntural state of focused attention. You've probably been in a trace while watching the TV before. 

You will get the chance to practice going into hypnosis during your discovery call - just ask.

Is therapy as effective online as face-to-face?

I believe so. My relationship with my clients and their results are the same via video call as they are in person. Plus, some people have said that they find it more convenient to be at home rather than spending the time to travel to sessions.

What are the fees for the Nourish Programme?

One-to-one tailored support starts at £9000 for 6 months. Payment plan of 6 x.£1500 available.

What’s included in the Nourish Programme?

During the 6 months we will meet every week (24 sessions in total), face-to-face or via zoom, between which you can access support from me via email or voice notes.

We’ll kick off with a 180 minute (3 hour) Breakthrough session, which a former client described as "4 or 5 sessions of therapy in 1". This gives me a chance to understand your past experiences and beliefs as well as current struggles and how you would like your life to look instead. Right from day 1 you'll learn new skills and strategies to apply. 

Next I’ll post out your welcome pack including 6 incredible pure blend essential oils and some physical resources to help you keep track of what you’re learning through Nourish and make recovery easier.

Your Programme includes 2 Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions (hypnotherapy)– usually in week 3 and 6. These sessions are usually around 90 minutes, but can vary. It’s my commitment to take you through the process; uncover memories and the beliefs you made, to reframe those beliefs and create a bespoke hypnosis recording for you to listen to over the next 21 days.

The other sessions are 60-90 minutes long, depending on your needs from week-to-week. During these sessions we will challenge your current beliefs and make room for new ways of thinking through CBT, NLP, EFT, hypnotherapy and T.I.M.E. techniques, as appropriate. 

The final session will cover relapse prevention and creating a personal-action-plan for you to maintain your new positives habits and sustain recovery.

How long is the Nourish Programme?

Nourish is a 6 month programme, with the option to sign-up for/extend to 9 or 12 months. My one-to-one bulimia recovery coaching is not about one-off sessions. It is the way everything combines – the face-to-face sessions (in-person or via video call), support between sessions, hypnotherapy, and new skills you gain – over the 6 months to get you the result that you want; freedom from bulimia and trust in yourself to maintain recovery.

I don’t provide 'per-hour' sessions, because I believe that recovery from bulimia is a journey and not something that can be taught in an hour.


apply for a clarity CALL

Luckily, I had studied psychology for 8 years at that point. I had learnt about habit loops and reward systems. I had got 82% in my Health Psychology MSc module about behaviour change interventions.

I used this knowledge to help me recover. But it was hard. I didn’t have support. I was trying to stop the overwhelming thoughts to go and buy a whole chocolate cake to binge on, while trying to study, continue with my award-winning (and now deleted) blog, be a good girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend. It was mentally and physically exhausting!

I’m guessing that you don’t have years of studying psychology, nutrition, and specifically eating disorder recovery. Or if you have one of those things (actually some of my clients are weight-loss coaches, personal trainers and therapists), you’re struggling to apply your learnings to yourself because guess what, bulimia isn’t logical!! You’re trying to outsmart a brain that is tricking you back into old behaviours; “just this one time and then we’ll stop”, “but you’re going to feel so much better when you’ve ‘got rid’ of it”.

Since recovering I have committed to learning everything I can about the psychology and physiology of eating disorder recovery. Now I'm a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and since 2018 I’ve helped 41 women in their journey to recover from an eating disorder or disordered eating. I would love to help you too.

I expect you really want to make this change, to live a life free from constant stress about food, exercise and your body, but something is holding you back.

Maybe that’s struggling to believe that full recovery is possible for YOU, maybe you want more specific details about the programme or you’re wondering if the investment is worth it.

I hear you. I remember reading so many websites and testimonials from clients on paid courses or receiving individual therapy, but I didn’t believe it was possible for me until I hit the ultimate low point (every-single day was consumed by the urge to binge and me giving in, I was physically and emotionally drained. I couldn’t even go to work or Christmas shopping without constant questioning myself over food choices and desires!

It was in that moment that I knew I absolutely couldn’t do this another day and I decide that full recovery was possible for me! Unfortunately at that point I wasn’t willing to put money behind myself; I sought help from a charity and was referred to the NHS. I didn’t click with the purely Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy approach or being paired with a therapist. So I decided not to continue with treatment.

you made it way down to the bottom of the page! 

Almost everyone I speak to during a free discovery call says that they felt nervous or anxious before the call! It's normal to feel a bit apprehensive about making a big life change.

want to know a secret?

when asked "What would you say to another woman who is thinking about signing up FOR THE NOURISH PROGRAMME" MY CLIENTS REPLIED...

I would highly recommend Rachel not only because of the Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions, but overall her professionalism and how she uses her own experience. Altogether it gave me the full picture. How to recover. Why to recover. That is huge! For so many years I did not have this full picture in my head. Rachel gave me the most powerful tool - believe in myself.  I cannot say that there was just one great thing working with Rachel! All our sessions gave me so much! Mara

DO IT! It was the biggest thing that helped me to recover and without it I fear I wouldn't be where I am today. Go in with an open mind and you could be amazed at the results. I can't thank Rachel enough for her help. Issy

JUST DO IT...if you’re struggling with an eating disorder it will be the best thing you’ve ever done. If you want to make a change but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect way to start opening up to the problems you need support with and to start tackling things differently. Booking a session with Rachel is the first step in your recovery journey and although it may be challenging at first, it won’t be as difficult as you think and it won’t be anywhere near as tough as living with your negative eating disorder thoughts. Recovery is possible and the happiness you with feel from changing your life is only an email away. Be open, lay your heart on the line and Rachel will give you the support and confidence you need to leave your disordered eating in the past. Louise

I would say: GET IT NOW!! Just do it! there is a magical experience of healing, support, friendship, true help and huge support awaiting you!!! Rachel is a brilliant professional and she will use any tool at her disposal to help you and bring back your smile :) Bianca


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Dr Rachel Evans

Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist