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I know what it’s like when an eating disorder takes over your life
and you feel trapped by constant thoughts of food and weight gain.
 I also know that there’s freedom and joy on the other side of your illness.

My name is Dr Rachel Evans (PhD) I’m an eating-disorder therapist - and I have lived through the experience of recovering from my own eating disorder.

I would love to support you to do the same


Discover the causes of your eating disorder through hypnosis, so that you can finally understand why it started in the first place - even (or especially) if you haven’t ever been able to get to the bottom of it with traditional therapy.

Replace your negative beliefs and behaviours around food with new positive ones.

Heal from your past & rewire your subconscious so you can supercharge the healing process.

Feel confident and in control of your present, knowing you have a toolbox of strategies to help you manage your thoughts and feelings.

Build a picture of future you - know where you’re going and create your vision of joy and freedom on the other side of your illness.

Reduce your anxiety around food so that you can enjoy socialising again.

Understand good nutrition and live a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.

Reclaim your life from your eating disorder.

Nourish is my very special programme, designed to help you become free from your eating disorder, take back control of your life and begin to live again.

It’s a powerful combination of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)*, one-to-one coaching and holistic support - and it will help you to:


Learn more about Nourish

The most important details are on this webpage.

 If you would rather hear me talk about the programme, then please watch the video below

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) helps replace old, destructive patterns and beliefs with positive, life-affirming ones. It’s a very safe, fast way to embed the healing process and combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). 

Understanding why your eating disorder started in the first place is a major step in your healing process. But for many of my clients, there’s no obvious root cause when they examine their illness consciously through traditional talking therapy. This in itself can feel really frustrating and confusing.

I find using RTT.and hypnotherapy a really powerful way to uncover these deep causes and begin rewiring your subconscious with more helpful patterns of thought and behaviour.

*what is rapid transformational therapy?


Alex, anorexia

"The RTT sessions let so many things 'click' for me about where my eating disorder came from and led to a massive understanding. It helped me to better overcome certain aspects of it that I wasn’t able to do in traditional therapy methods."

Now, I’m an eating-disorder psychologist. But once I was struggling with orthorexia, restrictive eating patterns and bulimia,  I felt hopeless, I hit rock bottom, and then found a way out.

I love using my experience, academic knowledge and therapeutic skills to help support women in turning their lives around.  There’s no better feeling than celebrating with my amazing clients when they take another step towards recovery.

I want to help you to celebrate ditching my fitness pal, eating your favourite foods without guilt and knowing that you are SO WORTH IT!  Plus all of your other personal goals, as we reclaim your life.



Alicia, bulimia

"I feel hopeful about the future instead of feeling dread.

I feel almost like a different person, because my life doesn’t revolve around food. I couldn’t have imagined actually be able to live this way before Rachel.

 I now feel like I’m actually involved in my life, rather than half paying attention and half obsessing about food."

Focus on you. I’ll never take on more than 8 clients at any one time because I want to give you the focused, personal care I know you deserve

Out-of-hours support. When you need me, you can contact me out of hours and know that getting back to you is my priority. Yep even at 9.30pm!

Holistic approach. I combine evidence-based psychological research with pioneering RTT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, nutrition support, 'tapping' energy healing and aromatherapy, to go deeper and work on multiple levels, to get your freedom back. 

Non-judgemental. My work is to help you to understand your situation and how to move forwards. I will never shame you or use scare tactics! 

Supporting you in your past, present and future. I’ll help you unlock the past causes of your eating disorder, give you all the tools you need to help you right now in your present, and help you build a picture of future you - free from your ED, anxieties and food guilt. 

I work a little differently to traditional eating disorder therapists you might have seen before.



“Working with Rachel has been different to any other therapy I've had before... She gave me lots of advice on different things to try doing and was always happy to help me if I had any questions. If you have been thinking about having Rapid Transformational Therapy with Rachel I would definitely recommend her.”

Believe that you deserve your life to be happy, healthy and ED free! 

See beyond your anxieties about how you look.

Feel motivated to achieve this future you, even on down days.


Many of my clients struggle to imagine what life will be like on the other side of the illness. I’ll help you create your own picture of life outside of the eating disorder. This will help you:


Understanding of nutrition and biochemistry to make sense of how you're feeling physically and mentally.

Support with building new healthy habits and problem solving skills. 

Knowing how to step out of the all-or-nothing thinking that’s keeping you stuck.


I’ll give you a whole toolbag of strategies you can use straight away to help reduce your guilt and fear around food and weight. Including:


Unlock what’s happened in your past to understand your eating disorder in the present.

Rewrite previous beliefs around food and weight.

Rewire your subconscious with more helpful thoughts to support you in the present and your brighter future.

We’ll work with all the aspects of you that long to be healed.


Using RTT, hypnotherapy and T.I.M.E techniques, we will:

supporting your past, present & future

g. hoppit, ednos

"Rachel is a kind, caring therapist who put me at ease from the very start. I felt comfortable discussing and exploring a side of myself that was buried at a deep level”

3 months of one-to-one eating disorder recovery therapy to support you on your journey.


WHAT'S INCLUDED IN            



Your own mental, energetic and physical toolkit of resources that you can use any time to help you reclaim your freedom from your ED. 

See below for more details


Via email or voice notes*. So you can ask a question or seek guidance whenever you need it. Clients also love to message me with what's going well that week and tell me about their recovery wins.


Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions help you to dive deep into the root of your eating disorder. We then use this understanding to rewire or totally release limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns.


6 or 12 months of one-to-one eating disorder recovery therapy tailored to your specific needs. In week 1 we set your BIG recovery goal, and work towards it every week through a combination of techniques. 


WHAT'S INCLUDED IN the nourish programme?

* Have me in your pocket for when your eating disorder thoughts are shouting,
things didn't go to plan, or you need extra support. 

I will remind you of what's already in your recovery toolkit
and your big picture WHY recovery is worth it! 

Sometimes you might need a mini coaching session,
and other times it's just nice to know
there is someone who has your back. 

- Great for if you have a lot to say and want to spend time
   thinking about how to phrase it
- Easy to search in your emails and see previous messages

Voice notes
- Great for the times you want support in-the-moment.
- Clients say that it's like having me in their pocket
- We use Voxer app, which is end-to-end encrypted

Sometimes you might need a mini coaching session or a reminder of what's in your 'tool kit' and other times it's just nice to know there is someone who has your back.

Contact me via email or voice notes between our face-to-face sessions (which are typically every week at the beginning of your programme, and every-other week in the last half of the programme.


jo, bulimia

"Voxer voice support is a lifeline in between sessions if you’re struggling or have questions that can’t wait. Getting an immediate response is really helpful for staying positive in challenging moments and having voice notes that you can keep listening back to gives you instant reassurance and perspective."

What does that actually mean in practise?  

New ways of thinking and skills. E.g., 
- A fun visualisation that you can do quickly anywhere to silence thoughts
- Thought experiments to stop your mind getting carried away with itself 
- Learning how to re-frame negative self-talk 

- learn Emotional Freedom Technique to shift unwanted emotional states
- Essential oils, tailored to you, which impact on your physiology and mood 
- Breathing techniques to calm your nervous system 

All of the resources you need in a Google Drive folder or Drop Box. E.g.,
- Session notes; to recap key points and any activities
- Personalised EFT videos for you to follow along to
- Information and education documents



"Being able to access the resources and session notes at any time is extremely helpful; I like that have guidance whenever I need it"


Each month you will benefit from

1x half day intensive (includes Rapid Transformational Therapy & Hypnotherapy)

3x 1-to-1 (60 minute) high-impact therapy sessions

1x emotional aromatherapy essential oil blend

Your personal resources library

Support between sessions via email and voice* notes

Optional: Support from Chelsea-based nutritionist 

3, 6 & 12 month Programmes

Each month you will benefit from

1x half day intensive (includes Rapid Transformational Therapy & Hypnotherapy)

3x 1-to-1 (60 minute) high-impact therapy sessions

1x emotional aromatherapy essential oil blend

Your personal resources library

Support between sessions via email and voice* notes

Optional: Support from a top London nutritionist 

3, 6 & 12 month

For example, Coaching family and/or significant others. 
in-person sessions at your location (currently subject to COVID-19 travel policies).

Please contact Dr. Rachel Evans to discuss how she can best support your sustained recovery.

price quoted on request


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Let’s arrange a FREE session (via phone or Zoom) to see if we’re a good fit to work together.
You can even practice going into hypnosis so you know how that feels. 

apply for a FREE CALL

you deserve to recover

Let’s arrange a FREE session (via phone or Zoom) to see if we’re a good fit to work together.


180 MINUTES* | £497 | online or in-person (Derby, UK)

You will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire prior to the session, so that we can make the most of our time together.

We will start with an eating disorder assessment, before moving on to
- learn strategies to stop unhelpful thoughts and behaviours
- boost your motivation to change
- begin trauma healing work

* P.S. we can take a toilet break!


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Book a 'breakthrough' session and the cost will be deducted from your Nourish Program.


"I would really recommend a Breakthrough Session with Rachel; she advertises it as ‘3 weeks of therapy in one session’, but I felt it covered 4-5 sessions of therapy. The session was personal and pinpointed many of my specific challenges and ways to overcome these. Rachel gave me more confidence in myself to continue my recovery journey and feel more positive about the future. I can’t thank Rachel enough for the help she gave me."


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