April 19, 2021

Thanks to Andrew and Charlie for having me on The Health Space podcast, we had a great discussion around stereotypes of eating disorders and what it’s like to suffer. We spoke about how covid-19 and the lockdowns in the UK shaped the type of clients that I saw, and I also shared what you can […]

Thanks to Eleanor for inviting me on the Chewy Head Podcast; a podcast dispelling the myths, stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental health. In this episode we discuss what is an eating disorder, my lived experience and how I now help clients to recover. I hope you enjoy the episode. I really enjoyed recording as Ellie […]

In this episode I speak to Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath Lauren Windas about elimination diets. We discuss how to maintain a positive relationship with food if you have to eat in a certain way for health reasons and Lauren shares her personal and professional experience. We cover …  – What is an elimination diet and […]

In this bite-sized episode I’m answering your questions about eating disorder recovery.  Questions answered in this podcast episode. 1. How do I get rid of the feeling that I’mamch not ill enough to recover? 2. How do I believe recovery will be worth it when my ED voice is saying the opposite? 3. What made […]

Why you should stop calling yourself “bulimic” and what to do instead to aid your recovery from bulimia.

Eat less and move more is the simple formula for weight loss that we’ve (almost) all bought into at some point. We try our best, but then we reach a plateau. In this episode on exercise and weight loss, I’m joined by Faye Townsend, an associate registered nutritionist with a post-graduate degree in sports and […]

Thankyou to Ian Skye for interviewing me as part of Eating Disorder Awareness Week at the beginning of March. We discussed – how the pandemic has affected people living with an eating disorder or led to the development of eating disorders. – What resources are available if you’re struggling? – Rachel’s recovery story and finding […]

Thanks to Sonny for inviting me on the Bites of Health Podcast. The Bites of Health Podcast by WellEasy is a fun and enlightening show designed to break down the barriers of healthy living. It is hosted by Joshua Barley and Sonny Drinkwater, the co-founders of WellEasy. In this episode we speak about – my […]

We’ve pretty much all been on a diet, lost the weight, and then regained it back (plus more)! But why don’t these diets help us to lose weight for good?  In this Just Eat Normally Podcast episode, I’m joined by Jeanette Thompson-Wessen to help explain why that happens. Jeanette is a qualified Nutritionist, specialist in […]

Watch on Youtube Thanks to Wellbeing People for inviting me to speak about eating disorders and recovery. This conversation focuses on – What might someone be thinking, feeling and doing if they have an eating disorder – My experience with restricting, bingeing and purging – Pathways to recovery – What to do if you’re worried […]




Dr Rachel Evans

Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist