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For those who need to hear it: No, Adele’s 2+ workout a day routine isn’t healthy or sustainable

Read the full post at Marie Claire online:

Read the full post at Marie Claire online:

Thanks to Sophie Bertrand, RNutr & Bari Stricoff for having me on the Forking Wellness podcast to speak about bulimia recovery. Having struggled with bulimia myself this topic is close to my heart and I am keen to spread awareness and understanding of bulimia so that we can reduce the shame and stigma often associated […]

I’m answering your most frequently asked questions about bulimia and recovery, including I’m worried about gaining weight and so make myself vomit after eating sometimes, but not all the time. Does that mean I have bulimia? I know I have bulimia, but I’m scared to get help because that makes it more real. What should […]

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Thanks to Doug and the team for inviting me on the resilient purpose podcast! We did some eating disorder myth busting and spoke about recovery tips. Watch on YouTube Listen on Spotify

Read the article by Devinder Bains and my comments here:

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Bulimia Sucks! My interview for Kate Hudson-Hall’s podcast

Thanks to Kate for having me to share my eating disorder story on her podcast Bulimia Sucks! Watch on Youtube Listen on spotify

Thanks to Kate for having me to share my eating disorder story on her podcast Bulimia Sucks! Watch on Youtube Listen on spotify

Thanks to Emily for having me on the Balance Life Well Podcast. This episode provides fascinating information on where stigma around mental illnesses stem from. You’ll discover: – the different types of mental health specialists and how they differ– where the stigma around mental illnesses came from– how we can reduce stigma– eating disorders recovery– […]

Thanks to Ally Head for quoting me in her recent article for Cosmopolitan online and in print. The feature focuses on the impact of lockdown as a trigger for the development of eating disorders and how it affected those living with one. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE ONLINE Cover photo credit: the original article […]

Thanks to Andrew and Charlie for having me on The Health Space podcast, we had a great discussion around stereotypes of eating disorders and what it’s like to suffer. We spoke about how covid-19 and the lockdowns in the UK shaped the type of clients that I saw, and I also shared what you can […]

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Join psychologist Dr Rachel Evans (PhD) as she talks to fellow experts in eating disorder recovery and ED survivors with inspiring stories. This podcast is intended to help those recovering to shift their mindset, develop new skills and find their own version of normal eating.

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Ep 22: Recovery is possible, even after 30 years! with caroline d-s

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