October 21, 2020

It’s normal to have ups and downs in your eating disorder recovery journey. I’m always talking about this instagram post from @lindsaybraman on podcasts and Instagram lives, so I thought I better share it on my blog to make it easier for you to find. With almost every client I work with, things are going […]

Welcome to episode 3 of the Just Eat Normally Podcast for eating disorder recovery. We are joined by Talia Cecchele. Talia is a UK Registered Dietitian specialising in eating and dieting disorders. She works in London on a specialist inpatient eating disorders unit and part-time in private practice where she helps her clients to overcome their […]

I joined Courtney Black, an eating disorder survivor, personal trainer and instagram celebrity to give an insight on … 1.SECRET EATING AND BINGE EATING How can I get out of the binge restrict cycle? I don’t restrict, what are other reasons might I be binge eating? 2.HOW DO I HELP A FRIEND WHO HAS AN […]

Welcome to episode 2 of the Just Eat Normally Podcast for eating disorder recovery. We are joined by Luke Hall (registered Nutritionist) . Luke is a performance nutritionist with an MSc in Human Nutrition and registered with the Association for Nutrition. He uses science, education and accountability to improve the performance and lives of all […]

It’s so easy to look at a food photo on Instagram and go straight into comparison mode, especially if it’s different to how or what you eat. A few questions to ask yourself…. IS THIS COMPARISON HELPFUL? Usually NO. Especially if it makes you feel anxious or guilty. Sometimes YES, e.g., if it highlights that […]

Welcome to episode 1 of the JUST EAT NORMALLY podcast for eating disorder recovery. With me, Dr Rachel Evans; psychologist, hypnotherapist and eating disorder survivor. I specialise in helping frustrated women who feel like they’ve tried everything to overcome an eating disorder to break free and feel better about food and their body. In this […]

In this video I share my personal and now professional experience with bulimia and eating disorder recovery. Bulimia and recovery In this episode of Binge Breakers Podcast, Jacqueline Davis and I speak about the similarities and differences in our experience of and recovery from bulimia. We also covered how to understand habits in relation to […]

I thought that I would put together 5 of my favourite feel-good instagram posts for if you’re having a bad day and struggling during eating disorder recovery. Often instagram can be quite triggering; photos of skinny girls in a bikini, EVERYONE sharing ‘what I ate today’, and seeing the ‘insta-perfect’ life. In-fact I had to […]

IMAGINE for a minute that you can travel back in time to before your relationship with food and your body changed. Imagine yourself at that time. Things feel kind-of difficult. Maybe there has been a big life change, maybe things seem out of control, or maybe something has happened to make you feel like the […]

Eating disorders are characterised by a pre-occupation with body shape and/or weight. It can be difficult to accept your changing body during recovery or that your body might be healthy at a weight higher than you would like. In fact, when my clients start work with me, most of them HATE their body; many over-exercise […]

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Dr Rachel Evans

Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist