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I was so honoured to be on the Make an Impact Podcast from Creative Impact Co. I’ve been a member of Creative Impact Co since the end of 2015 or early 2016 (can’t remember exactly as it was a long time ago!) when they went by the name of Health Bloggers Community. At the time, I was in the first year of my Psychology PhD and I’d just started my Instagram account, which was mostly me sharing my ‘healthy’ breakfast photos.

In 2016 I won ‘Health Blogger of the Year’ at their annual awards. I was very surprised (hello imposter syndrome) and also thrilled. It gave me confidence to approach brands and begin to monetise my blog, Healthy & Psyched.

Me with founder Fab Giovanetti at the 2016 Health Bloggers Community Awards

Over the next few years, as I learnt more about psychology and business, I ran workshops and events, and also spoke on panels at different health focused festivals.

Speaking on a panel about how to have a healthy relationship with food, with Mel Wells and Lily Soutter.

My original goals for the blog/Instagram and sharing food started to feel out of alignment as I had recovered from orthorexia & bulimia, finished my PhD and focused on working with clients 1-1. I noticed that how I talked about my relationship with food in the early posts and focus on ‘health’ wasn’t really that ‘healthy’ and I might be encouraging others into orthorexic thinking.

In 2020 I deleted my blog of 5 years. It was sad because I had worked so hard on the blog and it had been my main hobby for a long time, but it also felt like the right decision. I set up & changed my IG handle to my name

Now my account is more focused on recovery tips and letting people know about events/workshops/podcasts/articles etc. that I have created or contributed to, which I believe will help people to recover from disordered eating and related thoughts/behaviours.

I have been supported in the transitions by Creative Impact Co trainings, the wonderful community and opportunities that have arisen from being a member.

In this episode we speak about

  • My transition from a health food blogger to a psychologist specialising in eating disorder recovery
  • How to deal with triggers and sharing information online,
  • Creating a relatable message whilst setting boundaries,
  • Putting your community first.

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Dr Rachel Evans

Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist