Spreading awareness of eating disorder symptoms and treatment approaches

Questions answered in this interview with Voice magazine online

– How easy is it for people to access services to help recover from an eating disorder? 

– What motivated you to become a psychologist? Was it your own experience with eating disorders or was this career path something you always wanted to do?

– How do your treatment techniques help people, and how may they be different from that of other psychologists? Why is a personalised approach most effective for dealing with eating disorders?

– What motivated you to work in a different way to a traditional psychologist?

– What factors can lead to someone developing an eating disorder? 

– Are there any signs family or friends should look out for if they are concerned someone close to them may be struggling with an eating disorder?

– What advice do you have for anyone who may be struggling with an eating disorder?

– If people are on a waiting list for a long period of time before they can see a doctor, is there anything they can be doing to help themselves in the meantime?

Read the answers here: https://www.voicemag.uk/interview/10612/an-interview-with-psychologist-dr-rachel-evans

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Dr Rachel Evans

Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist