Ep 29: I don’t have time for therapy but I need help.

Bite-sized episode for those of you who have recognised how much an eating disorder, or difficulties with food/exercise/body image are impacting your life, but you’re feeling too busy and don’t have time for weekly therapy sessions.

Please remember that this podcast shares opinions and information, it isn’t for the diagnosis or treatment of an eating disorder, mental or physical health issues.

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Need more help to stop binge eating?

I get it – your time is precious. 

Between work and life there’s little time left to squeeze in anything else; it feels like your diary is back-to-back with commitments and you’re constantly running here, there and everywhere. When you do get time to yourself, you’re too tired to give what’s left of your physical and mental energy to speaking to a therapist! 

Then there’s that part of you that loves a binge as a way to wind down in the evening and you’re not sure how you’d cope if it was gone. 

I see you. 

That’s why Victoria Evans and I created the 🔑 “4 keys to stop binge eating workshop” 🔑 a 75 minute pre-recorded workshop to help you understand what is driving your binges and give you specific tools & techniques to stop! 

We have pooled together our scientific knowledge, experience with clients and lived experience of recovering from binge eating to bring you this brand new workshop! We’re covering the fundamentals of biology + psychology for binge eating recovery and making them relevant for YOU

I know that 75 minutes is kind of a commitment, however, because the content is pre-recorded, that means that you can watch it anytime that you have space in your schedule. You could learn about 1 key and then pause the video until later in the week! 

This online workshop isn’t a replacement for 1-1 therapy, but it can give you insights into why you’re bingeing and what to do about it! 

You’ll get education as-well-as tools and techniques to implement.

This workshop is specifically designed for high-achieving women who want to break-up with binge eating and to achieve more with less effort thanks to the time, energy and money they gain when they stop bingeing!

If you’ve identified that binge eating is holding you back from achieving your goals and you don’t have time to commit to weekly therapy sessions, then the 🔑 “4 keys to stop binge eating workshop” 🔑 is for you!

Sign-up here: https://www.victoriaevansofficial.com/4keysworkshop

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Dr Rachel Evans

Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist