Ep 22: Recovery is possible, even after 30 years! with Caroline Drummond-Smith

In this episode I speak with Caroline Drummond-Smith, a certified health coach and owner of Zest Health Coaching, who specialises in eating disorders and obesity. She suffered from anorexia for 30 years and worked through her own issues, to allow her to come to a place of true happiness and self-acceptance. Now she helps people to have a healthy relationship with food and their body and be the best, happiest version of themselves

We speak about 

– Caroline’s childhood and risks factors for anorexia

– how she used restriction to feel in control through the ups and downs of life

– marriage, pregnancy and raising 3 children with anorexia in the picture 

– living in denial, being un-engaged with treatment and finally the decision to recover

– our thoughts on how long it takes to recover from an eating disorder

– tips for developing a more positive body image 

– a practical exercise to help you reach the all-important decision to recover

Trigger warning: This episode describes eating disorder thoughts and behaviours, including mention of specific foods. I think these are fairly stereotypical of someone suffering with anorexia and I would like to keep the episode as unedited and real as possible, so I decided to keep these descriptions in the episode.

Please remember that this podcast shares opinions and information, it isn’t for the diagnosis or treatment of an eating disorder, mental or physical health issues.





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