Lies your eating disorder tells

How many times have you heard your ED saying …

“Other people have it worse, so you don’t deserve help”

“You hardly even have an ED at all, so why should you ask for help?”

“Things have been this way for so long you can’t possibly change”

“You’ve got it so bad that there’s no hope of recovery”

“Change is hard and you’re weak, so there’s no point in trying”

Your ED wants to have it both ways; you’re not sick enough for help and you’re so sick that nothing could possibly help you.

That way of thinking keeps you stuck.

It keeps you sabotaging your best efforts to get better.

Let’s recognise those illogical thoughts and call them out.

Let’s look at this logically – if the ED is taking over your life (your thoughts 24/7, your relationships, career, health, finances) then THAT’S A PROBLEM.

Just because you think someone has a bigger issue doesn’t minimise your suffering.

If you have been stuck in the ED for years, then isn’t now a good time to change?

I have worked with clients who recognise that they have had an eating disorder for 2 to 40+ years! They recovered.

And what they had in common was a desire to recover, willingness to see the lies their ED was telling them and to learn how to think differently!

ACTION STEP: What are you going to say to the ED next time it tells you that you don’t deserve help or no one could possibly help you?

Maybe “F*ck Off! I am worthy and deserving of help”

“Change is possible”

If you’re ready to say “FU ED” then learn about how I help clients 1-1 and through new group programme.

If anyone is struggling with overcoming an eating disorder but fears they have had it too long or it has too great a hold, please please just consider giving Rachel a call…. honestly you have absolutely nothing to lose but the control the eating disorder has over you. I can safely say that for the first time in probably 40+ years I feel safe to be around food and my only regret is not knowing about this amazing therapy years ago



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