Ep 28: Eating disorders and disabilities with Sophia Purcell

Sophia Purcell has suffered with anorexia nervosa since her late teens, but wasn’t officially diagnosed until the summer of 2017, more than a decade into the eating disorder. She also has a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, a congenital condition that affects movement, coordination, balance and muscle strength, flexibility and tone.

At present, there’s not much research into the relationship between eating disorders and disabilities. As someone with first-hand experience of both, she wants to do whatever she can to raise awareness, encourage others to seek support, and hopefully make treatment more inclusive and accessible.

In this episode discuss-

– How having Cerebal Palsy affected her self-esteem growing up and contributed to the development of an eating disorder

– Sophia’s experience in an inpatient unit and how it effected her cerebral palsy

– Things she wished she had known before going into treatment for her eating disorder

– Opinions on how individuals with a co-existing physical condition or emotional needs can advocate for themselves when undergoing treatment

– How treatment models could become more inclusive for people with additional needs and physical conditions

Please remember that this podcast shares opinions and information, it isn’t for the diagnosis or treatment of an eating disorder, mental or physical health issues.

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