Bites of Health: Eating Disorders & Recovery

Thanks to Sonny for inviting me on the Bites of Health Podcast.

The Bites of Health Podcast by WellEasy is a fun and enlightening show designed to break down the barriers of healthy living. It is hosted by Joshua Barley and Sonny Drinkwater, the co-founders of WellEasy.

In this episode we speak about

– my experience of an eating disorder (in a nutshell)

– how to recognise when ‘healthy living’ has gone too far and is actually having a negative impact on your life

– what to do if you recognise you’re struggling with disordered eating or exercise

– how social media can influence body image and eating; both positively and negatively

– the benefits of looking at past experiences and beliefs during therapy

– what does healthy living look like?

Resources for if you want to explore more about the benefits and costs of your current eating/exercise thoughts and behaviours

Great instagram accounts showing how posing/lighting can influence how your body looks in photos

BEAT charity website

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Dr Rachel Evans

Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist